About Me

RightCorner Gym has been Keene's # 1 MMA center for over 4 years. We have developed from a little, garage type training location to a 3,000-square foot MMA powerhouse. Our health club is the home of numerous fighters and Golden Gloves champs.


At RightCorner Gym, we concentrate on the FIGHT. For some, this might be inside the cage, in the ring, or on the mat. For others, this indicates battling to live a healthy and objective oriented way of life. RightCorner invites a flexible group of individuals varying from those planning to get in shape to expert athletes-- in our fitness center, all of us train together. Whatever your objective might be we desire you to combat for it.


RightCorner's 3000 square foot center geared up with heavy bags, double end bags, and a caged in grappling/sparring location. The health club is well cushioned making extending and exercise practical, with complete size mirrors for boxing drills. Male and female toilets make dressing comfy. Pals and household are welcome to observe from seating location.